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Farm to Table Dinner at The Comunity School


From 5:30 on, we at The Community School will serve a tantalizing meal of locally-sourced deliciousness, all highlighting the lightness and brightness and greenness of spring!  

Our menu includes:
Light little potato pancakes, served with slivers of house-cured salmon with pickled chives and dill and smoked creme fraiche. You'll try Mario Batali-inspired asparagus Milanese with speck: steamed asparagus adorned with a vinaigrette and shaved speck (lovely cured ham).  Tiny carrot frittelle, the Italian word for fritters, are served atop a pool of creamy onion soubise.  You will want to lick the plate!

Our entrees feature both beef tacos and shredded goose ramen.  The beef tacos use tenderly marinated cuts which are bold in grass-fed flavor and silken in texture.  Winter pickles and fresh spring spinach and arugula round off each mouthful as you lift your corn tortilla-wrapped package to your mouth.  Goose ramen gives pride of place to slow roasted South Tamworth-raised goose shredded on a mound of homemade ramen noodles in a pool of garlicky broth green with fresh ramps.  A boiled duck egg is a creamy addition to the lot of it.

Dessert is the highlight for many.  My grandmother's recipe for daffodil cake gets personalized in cupcake form, combining angel food cake folded with sponge cake and topped with fluffy lemony sorrel-flecked frosting.  Our chickens are laying like crazy, so we're putting their bounty to delectable use in creme brûlée, topped with beautifully pink, perfectly sugared  caramelized rhubarb.

All of this, plus a variety of beverages, can be yours for $50 per person. 

To reserve a seat or a table for you and your posse, please respond off board or call The Community School at 323-7000.  We'd love to feed you!